Welcome to Periscope, Keller Williams

Lance Ulanoff of Mashable wrote that “Twitter is the submarine just below the surface the ocean that Periscope is connected to.” What is Periscope? It is quite simply a social media app that allows you to broadcast video to your followers, and view live broadcasts from those whom you follow.


Periscope only works on your smart phone. It’s purely mobile, and purely the fastest growing social media platform today. Recode.net wrote “More than 10 million people have created Periscope accounts since the product launched at the end of March, and nearly two million people use the app every day. It’s the first time since Twitter’s Q1 earnings call in April that we’ve seen any real user metrics for the app; on that call, former CEO Dick Costolo said that Periscope added more than a million usersin its first 10 days.”

  • How will this work for you in real estate?
  • First, our office will start live broadcasting some meetings, classes, and workshops.
  • Follow @kwsgf from Twitter and Periscope for Keller Williams of Greater Springfield.
  • Follow other real estate experts to gather useful marketing techniques.
  • Broadcast your own videos to show that you’re an expert in your field.
  • Show a home to out of town buyers from your smart phones.

How will YOU use Periscope?


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