Our new Keller Williams Placester websites, powered by WordPress, are here and live!

In this post I want to go over how to set up your site by giving you resources to go to. Each agent that I have talked to who has set up their account, has told me that it’s really pretty easy and user friendly. I agree. So, let’s get started!

Keller Williams & Placester Setup Guide is a 50 page PDF that goes over the whole site and setup. It has the answers if you’re willing to look for them!

If you’re coming to a workshop in the KW Springfield Training Center, you’ll want to have the Participant Worksheet filled out.

Here is a one page PDF of the Website Admin Page showing you where everything is located.

Here is a two page PDF of the Website Site Settings Map.

Want to see some examples of KW Websites that are set up?

Here is a one hour video made by Scott Le Roy Marketing on setting up your Placester site

Keller Williams has videos on their KWUConnect page, as well

You can also get setup instructions and more information directly from Placester!

Contact Placester Support at

Tips for getting cheap/free photos of Springfield

Purchase a custom domain name from GoDaddy for only 99 cents!

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