Veterans Recognition

Every Tuesday our Market Center has a team meeting…

Today was not an exception; except that it was exceptional.

You see today we honored our Veterans who work in our office. We honored their service, their sacrifice, and we held them up and showcased them in a small way that does not do justice to what they have done for us. We opened up our Team Meeting with a slideshow of our Veterans and tried to get pictures of them in uniform. It was very sentimental. Our Productivity Coach said some very touching words, and brought tears to a few in the crowd, and definitely had some tears of her own. After, Chris Bolin asked us as a Team to donate what we can to be able to send care packages to the son of one of our Team Members. She wants to raise about $1,500 so an entire platoon of 45 Navy Special Forces will receive a care package for each Service Member. A few hundred dollars were raised immediately, and we’re opening up the opportunity to the rest of the company to give what you can for this noble project. You may leave a check or cash with our Market Center Administrator, Melinda Love, or you may send a donation via PayPal below.

Next, Melinda introduced Lee Skiles, Army, who introduced a gift to the office on behalf of the Veterans in our office. They brought in a new flag to stand in our Training Center, and they are retiring the older flag. Lee said some touching words- watch the whole team meeting HERE

Flag donated by the Veterans at Keller Williams Greater Springfield
Flag donated by the Veterans at Keller Williams Greater Springfield


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